Home Inspection Services

There's nothing better than walking into your new home with the knowledge that it is functional and safe to move into. Here at The Home Inspection Company Inc., we are dedicated to making sure our clients fully understand the condition of their new home long before they move in. Schedule your inspection now!

Quality Home Inspections

We provide complete home inspections including:

Additional Services Include

State of the Art Drone Technology

All roofs are inspected using drone technology, providing amazing high definition pictures and video. Every part of every roof is now inspected like never before!

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Thermal Imaging Services

Are you tired of exorbitant heating and cooling bills? Many people don't realize that their home isn't nearly as efficient as they might suspect. It's simple: if your home is leaking hot or cold air, you're losing money. Depend on us to locate any leaks using thermal imaging technology. With this knowledge, you'll be able to lower your energy bills!

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a remarkable new technology in the world of home inspections. Its many beneficial applications allow the process to provide information that previously could only be obtained by intrusive measures, if at all.

With the use of our FLIR thermal imaging camera, we can locate and document, in the form of a digital thermal image, exactly where heat or cooling loss is occurring. This is completed on a room-by-room basis to ensure that every leak is found. We can also step outside and thermally scan your entire house.

Thermal Imaging of Home

Benefits of Our Thermal Imaging Services

  1. Detecting and pinpointing leaks in sub-floor radiant heat systems, allowing for repairs with minimal damage to the floor.
  2. Detecting insulation voids in finished wall and ceiling cavities, allowing for precise, accurate repairs that result in maximum energy efficiency and comfort. Before thermal imaging, this would not have been possible without the removal of drywall and other wall coverings. We also apply thermal imaging upon completion of wall cavity insulation work to ensure the job is done right.
  3. Detecting moisture and potential mold growth within the finished wall or ceiling cavities.
  4. Detecting overheating electrical wires within finished walls and/or circuit breakers within the main panel.